Opportunities in Alternative Credit

Disintermediation post the great financial crisis resulted in a material reigning in of Bank financing.  This opened a gap for private capital to plug and support debt financing of a broad array of corporate, financial and real asset investments.

In this Panel we will explore some of the more unique opportunities across the risk/ return spectrum with specialist managers.  NN Investment Partners will explore Trade Finance and M&G Investments, Specialty Finance opportunities in residential mortgages and consumer loans.

We also welcome an experienced panel to enrich the debate including Heads of Private Credit Research, Tricia Ward of Redington and Joe Abrams of Mercer.  Anthony Fletcher,  Senior Independent Advisor at MJ Hudson Allenbridge completes the line up.

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NN Investment Partners M&G
Sponsors NN Investment Partners M&G
With panellists Mercer Redington MJ Hudson Allenbridge