DC Under the Microscope Series

As corporate DB Schemes ‘run-off’, DC’s importance to secure a comfortable retirement for existing and future members will only increase in prominence.  Innovation is key to develop world-class investment structures balancing return with risk management and investment impact delivery for members.

In this high profile DC Panel series, the Virtual Panel was delighted to join forces with leading industry think tank, the DC Investment Forum to take a deep dive into 3 key areas on the minds of DC investors and advisors.

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The DC investment industry has moved on from simple equity, bond and cash investment flight path default strategies!  A richer palate of asset classes has been added to seek return, diversify and offer members a better risk adjusted return for their investments.

In this Panel we will explore cutting edge investment strategies with leading asset managers, consultants and Mastertrusts.

The evidence is clear: Younger pension scheme members are as driven as much by ‘doing good’ with their investments as seeking financial return.  Research suggests Impact & ESG investments are key to unlocking interest in saving.

In this Panel we welcome industry practitioners at the vanguard of engaging members to invest in their pensions.

Private Markets offer valuable attributes including, expected returns in excess of public markets, diversification, income and, in some cases, inflation protection and impact delivery.

Structural impediments have restricted access for many DC members, but that is changing.  Innovative solutions have been built to allow access to private markets investments.  In this Panel, we explored latest developments.