Investing In Intelligence: Riding the AI & Big Data Wave

AI :  No day goes by without a reflection on its potential, its risks and its ethical and societal impact.

Well, there is the investment impact too.  And a HUGE amount to think about.

This isn’t just another AI event!  There is much more to talk about than the stratospheric growth in revenues of AI enabler, Nvidia as ChatGPT amongst others become household names and adoption explodes.

We are delighted to welcome genuine leaders in this space : Xiadong Bao of Edmond de Rothschild and Alexandre Zilliox of Natixis affiliate, Thematics Asset Management.  These managers have long tenure and billions invested in companies at the vanguard of a tehnological new world order.

We also welcome leading analysts, Anusha Krishnan of SG Kleinwort Hambros, Dipesh Mesurier of Bordier & Cie and Neil Clare of BNP Paribas to broaden the debate,

Join us to gain crucial and broad insights on a mega-theme set to further shake the investment landscape in the near term.

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Edmond de Rothschild Thematics Asset Management
Sponsors Edmond de Rothschild Thematics Asset Management
With panellists Bordier & Cie SG Kleinwrot Hambros BNP Paribas