Opportunities in Emerging Market Debt

Sentiment may be on the turn for EM Debt:  The all-powerful US$ has weakened, the Chinese economy re-opened, and many EM sovereigns got ahead of DM peers, raising rates to tackle inflation.

So, is it time to reconsider Emerging Market Debt?

Valentina Chen, co-head of EMD at MacKay Shields will explore the outlook across currencies, rates and corporate bonds both Local and Hard Currency and set out views on where value may lie.

Peter Eerdmans, Co-Head of EM Sovereign & FX at Ninety One will look at the thorny issue of ESG and climate change in EM countries.  On the one hand, many EM nations face the severest impact of climate change, on the other, they can be reliant on fossil fuels to drive their economies or are the source of key commodities needed for a green transition.  Peter will explore how Ninety One consider these counter-vailing forces and explain how a Just Transition is key for global Net Zero aspirations.​

Our expert panellists, Rima Sen of wtw and Mathias Neidert of bfinance will enrich the debate giving client and consultant perspective.​

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