ESG Panel Series

ESG momentum is here to stay as investors seek the dual goals of investment return and ethical use of their capital.

In this panel series we explored 3 key topics with subject matter experts; Engagement, the ‘S’ of ESG and ESG in Emerging Markets.

The recordings are packed with insight and thought leadership.


Engagement allows asset owners and managers to influence company behaviour via voting, covenant structuring and capital deployment.  We explored how cross asset class engagement can deliver on return and ESG criteria for asset owners.

The ‘S’ of ESG

The Social or ‘S’ part of ESG is gaining increasing attention as investors seek social impact alongside financial return.  In this panel we looked at company behaviour during the pandemic and the need for a Just Transition as we move from fossil fuels to renewables.

ESG in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets bring investment potential but can be at the forefront of Climate uncertainty, governance opacity, human rights and political interference.  We explored this from the perspective of both equity and debt investment.