Democratising Access to Private Markets

Until recently, access to Private Markets investments has largely been the preserve of the largest, most sophisticated and predominantly institutional investors. However, with very attractive risk/return prospects, the case for democratising access to private wealth investors is strong.

Innovative solutions beyond Investment Trust structures are being designed to solve for traditional entry barriers including minimum investment sizes, due diligence of sometimes complex investments, liquidity and fees.

the Virtual Panel held 2 panels to drill into the subject with Stepstone Conversus and Moonfare, providers at the vanguard of creating innovative new solutions for wealth investors. LCP and London & Capital provided the consultant and client perspective.

The Investment Case for Private Markets

In this Panel we looked at the Investment Case for Private Markets.  In particular: What it brings in the portfolio context, the main types of private markets; Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Assets, the expected returns and risks and ESG and Impact considerations

Our presenters were Michael Elio of Stepstone, Sweta Chattopadhyay of MoonfarePhil Boyle of LCP gave us the consultant advisor perspective.

Investment Solutions

In our second panel we began by looking at the challenges of providing access to private markets for private wealth client.  In particular, Illiquidity and lock-up, operational matters, access to top echelon investments and high fees.

Magnus Grufman of Moonfare and Neil Menard of Stepstone Conversus presented on the differentiated approaches each organisation have designed to solve for the complexities.  Kris Richmond of London & Capital gave the client perspective.