China Panel Series

As China continues to open its markets to foreign investors, it’s simply become too big to ignore as a huge standalone investment opportunity.  Many investors have already taken exposure, others are sure to follow in the next decade.

In this panel series we explored Chinese Equity and Bond Markets, both on and offshore.  Our final session took an in-depth look at ESG.

The recordings are packed with insight and thought leadership.

China Equity

Chinese Equity markets are vast and growing with rich alpha potential for the skilled investor, but there is much to consider and understand. We looked at both onshore ‘A-shares’ and offshore markets, with leading investors’ Matthews Asia and AllianceBernstein.

China Bonds

Monetary stimulus has resulted in systemic yield compression across developed markets. Chinese bonds offer a significant and relatively uninvested opportunity offering both yield and diversification. We looked at on and offshore sovereign and corporate credit with Ninety One and Pictet.

China ESG

ESG in Chinese investment due diligence is absolutely fundamental as we wrestle with issues across the spectrum of E, S and G. The Chinese political system requires understanding and a measured approach, RisCura and Fidelity gave a balanced view picking out areas of concern but also noted bright spots of ESG leadership.