the Path to Net Zero | A Just Transition

A secular shift to a low carbon global economy has resulted in massive capital reallocation and investment in low carbon energy sources.

Whilst this brings great opportunities, it threatens displacement for economies and individuals most reliant on carbon intensive industries and energy production.  A Just Transition is needed to align goals and address socio-economic challenges.

In this Panel, we welcome Rosalind Smith-Maxwell of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners and Matt Christ of Ninety One to explore.

Rosalind will focus on developed markets, especially  the UK, with lessons to be learned from shuttering of the coal industry and considerations for regional economies’ wealth built on oil and gas.

Matt looks at Emerging Markets and how engagement, investment and influence with heavy emitters is essential to drive real world change.

Our panelists are Olga Hancock, Deputy Head of Responsible Investment at Church Commissioners for England and Jennifer O’Neill, Associate Partner at Aon.

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Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Ninety One
Sponsors Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Ninety One
With panellists Church Commissioners of England Aon