Secure Income from Real Estate

The hunt for yield to pay cashflows is a constant challenge with ongoing stimulus resulting in rock bottom yields in investment grade bond markets.

Real Estate assets are a natural hunting ground: They offer attractive characteristics including, long dated and often inflation-linked cashflows.

In this panel, we will explore how to secure Income from Real Estate from two quite different perspectives:

Alpha Real Capital will examine how a portfolio of Commercial Ground Rents can deliver valuable contractual cashflows.

Schroders Capital will look at how European Real Estate Debt can help solve the yield conundrum.

Our panelists include leading investment consultants and professional trustees. They are Natalie Winterfrost, Director and Professional Trustee at Law Debenture, Sam Wreford, Senior Investment Consultant and Head of Client Delivery at Mercer and Duncan Hale, Secure Income Asset portfolio manager at Willis Towers Watson.

We hope you can join us!

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Alpha Real Capital Schroders Capital
Sponsors Alpha Real Capital Schroders Capital
With panellists Law Debenture Mercer Willis Towers Watson