Opportunities in Emerging Market Equity

2022 was a torrid year for Emerging Market Equity with the index falling nearly 20%. War in Eastern Europe and a strong US% were clear headwinds.  China’s increasing dominance of the index also had a huge impact.  A belated exit from pandemic lock-downs, concerns on property finance and regulatory activity all made for a challenging environment for a country making up a third of the index.

However, as 2023 gets into full swing, a rosier outlook appears to be on show:  China, the region’s key growth engine has re-opened, a Fed pivot may be on the cards and EM looks attractively priced relative to history.  There is little doubt investors are reconsidering the case.

In this Panel, we welcome leading EM specialist portfolio managers’ Ashish Chugh of Loomis Sayles and Varun Laijawalla of Ninety One. They will explore opportunities in deploying capital in a rapidly changing investment environment.  They will also look at the risks and nuances for ESG consideration across the EM Equity landscape.

Our panelists are experts in evaluating fund investments in emerging markets.  They are Gareth Anderson of Mercer and Oliver Wayne of Redington.

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Loomis Sayles Ninety One
Sponsors Loomis Sayles Ninety One
With panellists Mercer Redington