Leaders’ Lunch: Opportunities in Asset Bank Securities

Leaders’ Lunch Series: Exploring Asset-Backed Securities with Challenger Investment Management

We’ll dive into the world of Asset-Backed Securities at our exclusive Leaders Lunch. This session, features Fidante affiliate Challenger Investment Management, who will spotlight the potential of RMBS, non-mortgage backed ABS, and CLOs for enhancing portfolio diversification and returns.

Join us as portfolio manager Chris Whitcombe guides us through the nuances of blending public and private market strategies. This is a premier opportunity to network with top-tier peers, discuss market trends, and uncover new investment potentials over lunch in a splendid setting.

This event is by invitation only, please contact matt.johnston@thevirtualpanel.com for more information.

Challenger Investment Management
Sponsors Challenger Investment Management
With panellists M&G Wealth Scottish Widows TBA