Democratising Access to Private Markets (Solutions)

Until recently, access to Private Markets investments has largely been the preserve of the largest, most sophisticated and predominantly institutional investors. However, with very attractive risk/return prospects, the case for democratising access to private wealth investors is strong.

Innovative solutions beyond Investment Trust structures are being designed to solve for traditional entry barriers including minimum investment sizes, due diligence of sometimes complex investments, liquidity and fees. We are going to explore this in a great event for January!

We have 2 panels on consecutive days in January to drill into the subject with Stepstone Conversus and Moonfare, providers at the vanguard of creating innovative new solutions for wealth investors.

Investment Solutions

We will look at some of the challenges for wealth investors accessing private markets and then explore the distinctive solutions our speakers have created to address them

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Sponsors Stepstone Conversus Moonfare
With panellists London & Capital