Commercial Real Estate: Fit for a post pandemic world?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused enormous disruption and impacted the way we live our lives both at work and in leisure.  The implications for real estate are stark and significant.

Trends in retail have been evident for many years with the pandemic further accelerating the share of retail transactions conducted on the web.  The implications are apparent for the High St and in the need for logistics to support changing consumption behaviours.  Offices and workspaces are also in line of sight as flexible and technologically enhanced workspaces are demanded by tenants.

In this Panel, we will investigate the trends in traditional real estate, but also explore opportunities in ‘alternative’ real estate to diversify and deliver attractive risk adjusted returns for investors.

We are delighted to welcome leading real estate experts, Alison Puhar of Fidelity Internatonal and Kari Pitkin of PIMCO.  Our experienced panel includes Tim Sankey, Head of Real Estate at LGPS pool, Border to Coast and investments Consultants Jaspal Phull of Redington and Andrew Jacobson of LCP.

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Fidelity PIMCO
Sponsors Fidelity PIMCO
With panellists Redington Border to Coast LCP