DC Innovation Unleashed:

Optimising Outcomes for Generation DC

​Rudimentary investment strategies no longer suffice! Increasingly, gone are the days of vanilla bonds, passive equities, and cash —and strategies that come to an abrupt halt at retirement. Welcome to a new frontier of investment innovation elevating outcomes for Generation DC.

The Investment Industry is doing great work to build enhanced strategies for DC members.  With the Mansion House speech adding further impetus it is time to explore further.

In this insightful series, we bring together multi-disciplinary thought leaders at the vanguard of change over a 3-part series.​

DC 2.0: Setting the stage for Innovation

Oct 9 | 1pm – 2.15pm UKT

For some time, the industry has called for greater innovation in DC investing. The recent Mansion House speech and discussions on Collective DC could mark a pivotal moment for improvement.

David Hutchins, Head of Multi Asset Solutions at Alliance Bernstein, will explore how AB is modernising portfolios, incorporating private markets, and updating ‘to and thru’ retirement investment structures.

Our panel features Philip Smith from the £10bn TPT Mastertrust and Jess Williams, who leads Phoenix’s CIS business, providing platforms for complex investments.  Our Panel is completed with the partipation of DC experts, Lydia Fearn of LCP and Hugo Gravell of Barnett Waddingham who will share their experience working with a diverse array of clients.

From Growth to Decumulation: Enhancing Investment Outcomes

Oct 10 | 1pm – 2.15pm UKT

The industry is innovating beyond simple passive investments and exploring opportunities beyond DGFs. In this panel we look beyond the standard to modern enhancements.

Philip Loehrhoff, Portfolio Manager at Berenberg, delves into how protected equity strategies can enhance risk/reward dynamics both during growth and decumulation phases.

Lucie Majstrova of Baillie Gifford considers how multi-asset income investments can ensure stable income in the decumulation stage while fostering income and capital growth.

Joining them are experts, Lindsay Nickerson from Aon, and Michael Robinson from Aegon Mastertrust to broaden the debate.

Sustainable Horizons: Strategies for Real-World Change

Oct 13 | 11am – 12.15pm UKT

The evidence is compelling: Members are more inclined to engage with their pensions through sustainable investments that drive real-world change.

Annika Brouwer of Ninety One will outline the critical role that Emerging Markets play in the transition to renewable energy, presenting a pioneering strategy where public and private capital investments combine to effect change.

Talk is cheap; action brings change! Our distinguished panellists, Natalie Winterfrost, of Law Debenture,  DC thought leader, Mark Thompson and Alison Leslie of Hymans Robertson  will delve into TCFD reporting, evaluating the real impact of investment and expand the discussion to other impactful areas of ESG leadership to enhance member engagement