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Investing in Intelligence : Riding the AI & Big Data Wave

December 11, 2023

AI :  No day goes by without a reflection on its potential, its risks and its ethical and societal impact. Well, there is the investment impact too.  And a HUGE amount to think about. This was a fascinating event.  It is clear, there is much more to talk about than the stratospheric growth in revenues of AI enabler, Nvidia as ChatGPT amongst others become household names and adoption explodes, and that is what we did…
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The Nature Climate Nexus

Sponsors Federated Hermes American Century Investments
With panellists Mercer Environment Agency Pension Fund Isio
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The alarming damage to ecosystems and biodiversity and climate change are interconnected crises, creating a systemic threat with far-reaching consequences. A vicious cycle ensues as degrading natural habitats diminish CO2 sequestration, while climate change reciprocally worsens the loss of these …

DC Innovation Unleashed | 3/3 | Sustainable Horizons: Innovating strategies for real-world change

Sponsors Ninety One
With panellists Law Debenture Hymans Robertson Mark Thompson
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The evidence is compelling: Members are more inclined to engage with their pensions through sustainable investments that drive real-world change. In this Panel, Annika Brouwer, sustanability specialist at Ninety One outlined the critical role that Emerging Markets play in the transition to renewa…

DC Innovation Unleashed | 2/3 | From Growth to Decumulation : Enhancing Investment Outcomes

Sponsors Baillie Gifford Berenberg
With panellists Aegon UK Aon
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The industry is innovating beyond simple passive investments and exploring diversification beyond DGFs.  In this panel we looked beyond the standard to modern enhancements in liquid building blocks which can make up 80%+ of member portfolios. Philipp Loehrhoff, Portfolio Manager at Berenberg, del…

DC Innovation Unleashed | 1/3 | DC 2.0: Setting the Stage for Innovation

Sponsors AllianceBernstein
With panellists TPT Retirement Solutions Phoenix CIS LCP Barnett Waddingham
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For some time, the industry has called for greater innovation in DC investing. The recent Mansion House speech and discussions on Collective DC could mark a pivotal moment for improvement. David Hutchins, Head of Multi Asset Solutions at Alliance Bernstein, explored how AB is modernising portfoli…

The Path to Net Zero : A Just Transition

Sponsors Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Ninety One
With panellists Church Commissioners Aon
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A secular shift to a low carbon global economy has resulted in massive capital reallocation and investment in low carbon energy sources. Whilst this brings great opportunities, it threatens displacement for economies and individuals most reliant on carbon intensive industries and energy productio…

Opportunities in Emerging Market Equity

Sponsors Loomis Sayles Ninety One
With panellists Mercer Redington
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2022 was a torrid year for Emerging Market Equity with the index falling nearly 20%. War in Eastern Europe and a strong US% were clear headwinds. China’s increasing dominance of the index also had a huge impact. A belated exit from pandemic lock-downs, concerns on property finance and regul…