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Liquid Real Assets

December 6, 2022

With inflation rampant and entrenched, index-linked cashflows are an increasingly desirable investment attribute.  This, along with diversification attributes make property and infrastructure investments very attractive. But, real assets often bring illiquidity risk.  Not all investors’ systems can cope with that, and others may prefer not to ‘lock up’.  In these circumstances, liquid property securities and Infrastructure provide a possible solution.   Further, at a time where these investments have reduced in value as rates rise, present…
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Investing in nature panel series (3/3) – Investing in Biodiversity

Sponsors Fidelity International Lombard Odier Investment Managers
With panellists isio Redington
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Whilst human populations have ballooned, the same cannot be said for wildlife stocks which are estimated to have plummeted by 70% in 50 years. Biodiversity has also been hammered with climate change, monoculture farming, deforestation and pollution all major causes.  This has implications for nat…

Investing in nature panel series (2/3) – Sustainable Agriculture & the Future of Food

Sponsors Gresham House SLM Partners
With panellists Environment Agency Pension Fund Mercer
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The global population has doubled in less than 50 years!   The implications for hunger, land degradation, biodiversity, and the demand for calories and protein from growing middle classes are all too evident. In this panel we explored the scale of the issue and the risks and the innovative techni…

Investing in nature panel series (1/3) – Introducing Natural Based Investment

Sponsors Schroders Macquarie Asset Management
With panellists Railpen Rebalance Earth
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In the E-frontier of ESG, climate change has drawn all the column inches.  But that is changing, and fast!  The parallel existential risk of destruction to nature and biodiversity is increasingly attracting concern. It is a thorny problem though, with inter-related aspects.  In the first panel in…

Women in Portfolio Management: Emerging Markets

Sponsors J O Hambro Capital Management Morgan Stanley Investment Management
With panellists Mercer
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Despite recent industry focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), women remain significantly under-represented in senior portfolio management positions. In the fourth of our Women In Portfolio Management series we welcomed female investment leaders to investigate. We explored career …

Infrastructure in an Inflationary World

Sponsors Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Fiera Infrastructure
With panellists isio LCP Capital Cranfield
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After an extended period of very low inflation, it is back with a passion and front and centre of the minds of all investors.  In this context, Infrastructure, a real asset, offers some very interesting attributes, often-times with cashflows linked to inflation. In this panel, we welcomed expert …

EMD Highlights reel | Barings

Sponsors Barings
With panellists Mercer wtw SEI Border to Coast Pool
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In this highlights reel we welcome Kawtar Ed-Dahmani of Barings We explore 2 key areas: Should we have different criteria by which to measure ESG in Emerging Markets? Climate considerations when underwriting Emerging Market sovereigns